Exploring Wales

What a beautiful weekend I have had in Wales (Newport and Cardiff) staying at a friend’s place, which made me realise that family is not just who you have blood relations with but those who stick to your side without being bound by blood and those who make you feel at home even though you might not actually be. The trip reminded me of my own family, the lame jokes, pointless laughters, delicious cuisines, midnight cravings and what not.. But this blog is not about all of that, this is about my experience of exploring Wales.


Wales is beautiful, with its endless forests and greenery ideal for biking, jogging and long drives. If you are planning to go Newport you should remember that you would need to go Cardiff to enjoy more urban pleasures of restaurants, spas, beauty salons etc. Newport although has other things to offer like the forest drives where there are parks and lakes where one could bike or make BBQ. It has beautiful views and fresh air (you would feel this different especially if you are going from a busy city like London). You could also go strawberry picking in the Newport farms and be sure to witness cattle, horses and cows in the farms located in different parts of the city.


Cardiff, being only about 25 minutes’ drive away from Newport, is more urbanized city in Wales. It has most offices, restaurants, shopping outlets and attractions. The Cardiff Bay has a beautiful sunset view, with restaurants on the riverside. If you come by the day you can also go for boating in the Cardiff Bay. There are also the Cardiff Palace and official buildings for those interested in sightseeing.

All in all, it is breathe of fresh air from the busy urban environment, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the nature. The houses in the area are relatively more spacious, with bigger gardens and living is reasonably priced.

Happy traveling folks!