Certainty Trap

Prospect theory suggests that humans have a natural inclination to choose certainty over uncertainty, even if it’s not utility maximizing or logical, thus over-valuing certainty. They use an example for a lottery to illustrate this, where people are more willing to earn a dollar over entering a lottery for $10, with 20% chance that they’ll win.

I understand decision making to be a combination of intuitive and strategic components. While our natural instinct is to over-value certainty, could we bank on doing the same for more important, bigger, strategic matters we face? It’s definitely not the logical thing to do but it comes down to whether we can face the 80% risk that we might lose? May be then it’s time to reevaluate all else we’re banking on?

So, if settling is not an option, how much risk is too much risk?


Beginning of quarter life crisis?

Choosing between jobs and comparing the offers to my dream job, I am starting to wonder if I need to do what everyone else is doing, to be able to do what I really want to do? Choosing jobs has been relatively easier so far, as I knew they wouldn’t last once I finish grad school, but now choosing the ‘one’ has got me contemplating what I can do and what I want to do.

Ofcourse, you pick the most exciting and rewarding option, but would this bring you closer to finding that dream opportunity of a lifetime? Would it lead you into finding new things you enjoy working on? Would it completely drift you away from what was once the dream? Or do you wait until you find just what you wanted?

Even though, I ‘ve got lots of wondering and thinking to do, but the point really is to make the best of everything that comes your way, exhaust your potential completely and wonderfully in whatever way ‘possible’ and hopefully discover, meet people, learn ideas, which will show you what you stand for in five or ten years. And maybe there is a reason that people do what they do, making norms. I wouldn’t want to be complete handicapped by the norms and I have always had the freedom to think within and beyond them, but I am starting to understand why people do what they do.

So many questions to answer and mysteries to solve. Is this the beginning of my quarter life crisis?

Towards the ‘Tomorrow’..

Days, months, years go by and before we know it, we’re older & hopefully, wiser than ever before. Through these days, months and years we meet people, we take up jobs, we read, we learn but on that day when you look back and count the number of years gone by, it seems as though nothing and no one stayed with you anymore. Sure, you must have the goodwill, experiences and memories – but it all doesn’t walk with you for every single day of the rest of your life.

What stays with you is what you took away from every relationship, job and event in your life – what you learnt and what made you a better person. So, the only thing one has gained from their past is what they are today, and if you are not your best self today – most learned, wisest and most refined self – have those experiences really been worthwhile?

Things you do in life ought to have a purpose for you. Think before you do anything, for fun, for love, for growth, for anything – how am I helping ‘tomorrow me’? And think what ‘yesterday you’ has done for what you are today, just like I am now!

Change is scary? Think again

They say change is scary, but as the time goes by I realise more and more that the scariest thing in the world is to stay still and get tied down in a moment forever. Life has so much to offer, we’re not meant to spend our whole lives doing one thing in one place. How else would we learn? Life is about reaching your full potential. Noone’s ever done that without experimenting, trying, failing and ‘living’.

Making the Transition..

I have had my life changed drastically in the past few days, with lots happening all at once, great and not to great things. I have been making all the efforts I can to learn tricks of the trade of this society and work, which are very different to have I had become accustomed to and it has been an interesting ride, so far.

I chose to blog today about this as I have a better feeling about things today than I usually do. I have been making applications for jobs and the process can become a rather long one, longer than what I am used to in London anyway but today I felt like I was getting somewhere with it. Unlike in London, recruitment in Pakistan is not all about finding the right posts and applying for them wisely, but talking to people and networking is not only a plus, but absolutely necessary if you’re going to get somewhere with it. Through this ‘process’ so far, I have felt all sorts of different things; anxiety, excitement, nervousness … But there’s one thing I didn’t feel so far (thankfully). To me, the worst place anyone can be in is where one can do nothing to change their situation. We are made with no points of self-actualisation and we always need progress in one way or the other, and moving for me is a huge opportunity to progress into the next phase of my life.

So, today I feel that yes the systems, people and culture are different, with their own good and bad sides to it, but they can all be worked around and there’s always something you can do to bring you closer to where you really want to be. And if you’re really going to do something, you better make sure you do it in the best way possible.

I am sure I ‘ll be blogging about ‘the transition’ for a while, with this blog being one of my firsts – but I hope it all leads to somewhere I want to be.

Just Another Chapter..

I have been back home for a few days now, and to be fair – everyone’s been quite kind to me. So many familiar people, so much to share with them and love about them. I am sure this is going to somewhat die down once the weddings and festivities end in a few days’ time. But the truth is, it almost feels like I was never gone, it feels like I have so much more to show for my time and years gone by, we’ve all grown older and wiser (hopefully), but yet we love and live like we always have.

It feels like I am in a safe place, when I am here – lesser to worry about, but I definitely need to get on my own two feet soon and get my life onto a purposeful path. Having said all of this, I also realised today what the bitterest thing about being back was: approval. As I have so many around me who love and relate to me and are with me through each day, they happen to take this upon themselves to quality and approve mine and each other’s decisions and lives. Similarly, they share all the happiness and sorrows.

A deeper thought into this makes me wonder if this is just specific to the culture in Pakistan, or may be no matter where you had all your family and friends, there will be expectations and those who meet them, and those who don’t.

It’s just another great chapter of life, with its own highs and lows – All I can say is that I have no regrets because I have lived and loved every bit of it, so far…