Exploring Washington D.C.

I got to D.C. after my stay in NJ & NYC, so it was definitely a calmer end to the trip. The city is clean, organised and has some great spots & cafes. Here’s what I got up to while I was there…

Breakfast at the Jefferson



National Mall: Memorials 

The day was nice and sunny & perfect for a walk along the National Mall, where all the memorials are located at a close distance, including George Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, World War II Memorial… and I am sure I might have missed out a few? Its a chance to learn a little bit about the American history, although I wish there were more information given out about the events and the purpose of the memorials at spot.


Museums & Art Galleries: Holocaust Museum, Air & Space Museum, National Gallery of Art

While there’s many others in close proximity, I covered the most recommended ones in my short stay in D.C. FYI, Air & Space Museum has actually got a piece of the moon, if that tickles your interest?




Georgetown, Waterfront Park 

Georgetown is probably my favourite place in D.C., especially on a nice sunny day. There’s cute little cafes, restaurants and confectioneries you can grab a bite at and relax. The Waterfront is quite lovely as well.



National Harbour

Even though this is a little off the city, its definitely worth a day trip.



Exploring New York City

Having spent five years in London and absolutely loving the ‘fast life’, I thought New York would be love at first sight, but that’s not really how my few days in NYC went. The architecture and entertainment is so overwhelming, that by the end of my two days in NYC, I had forgotten the difference between Rockerfeller, BoA Offices, Empire State, Chrysler and the World Trade Center. May be if I observed them in isolation things would be different, but regretfully in my brief trip I barely got a chance to do that. I think I could really fall in love with this city, but it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. Well, while I was there I tried to not only see the city but experience it as much as I could, and here’s what I got up to:

Times Square

While you walk from 34th to 42th Times Sq. its worth grabbing a coffee & sitting by the stairs or checking out some of the stores with extravagant architectures, like the rest of the city.


Brooklyn Bridge Park at Brooklyn Heights

Its probably the best way of experiencing the NYC Skyline and taking a break from the hustle bustle.


Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island

Be sure to book well in advance if you want to go to the Pedestal or Crown of the Statue of Liberty, as I could only get the ferry ticket to the island a day before, even though it was a working day.


High Line

This is a park/ walkway created out of an old railway line. The music, mural, street art and the sun set completed my otherwise hectic day exploring the city.



Grand Central Station 

Grand Central was probably at the end of my list of things to see, but I was truly surprised with what I saw. There’s this ‘grand’ vibe about this place. If you’re around, its totally worth dropping by.


Theater at the Broadway, Matilda – The Musical

This was probably the best lighting and staging I had ever seen in a show. I guess the fuss is not for nothing?


A little off the city… 

If you’re able to drive a little off the city, you must head out to the shore. While I only visited the Jersey Shore, I have also heard great things about the Fire Island.

Ashbury Park, Jersey Shore


Six Flags, Freight Fest 

Turns out, Halloween is quite big in America, so my timing was perfect to experience the festivities and the horrors.


Exploring Dubai

My trip to Dubai was a rather short and sweet one. Every time I had been in there in the past, it was with parents and the aim was to shop till they dropped, but this time I wanted to explore the city and delve into the culture and tradition ‘for a week’.

June probably wasn’t the best time to visit because of the heat, but I have to say the heat was overstated, because you’re almost never indoors and cars, buildings even restrooms are air conditioned (rather uncomfortably, it gave me a flu yikes!). So, here’s what to look out for when in Dubai:

 Malls’ Fest: Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Wafi Mall

Dubai is known for its malls, and I can see why. The malls are the biggest in the world and they have a whole life inside of them. For example, the Dubai mall has shopping, aquarium, souks, access to the burj Khalifa and the dancing fountains (among other things). A day atleast is enough to just explore this one mall.





Mall of Emirates too is an interesting one, with the ski Dubai access.

Wafi mall on the other hand, stands out because of its architecture but it’s really not the place you want to go for shopping as it is very compact and the retailers are very limited.


There’s souks everywhere. Inside Dubai mall, next to Dubai mall, in old Dubai city, next to Wafi mall, inside Madinat-e-Jumeriah etc. So, you must experience these souks. While, they are ridiculously priced, they’re one of their kinds.


Sightseeing: Madinat e Jumeriah, Palm Islands


Jumeriah Beach Resort (JBR) Walk

JBR Walk is a street right opposite the beach where you ll find some great places to eat and relax.



Fine Dining: Little Bangkok, Minato

Food in Dubai is AMAZING! By that I am not only referring to the local food, which too is great but also the international cuisines. Ones I got a chance to go to are Little Bangkok where the food is on point and the drinks are just exceptional.



Another great restaurant I am recommending is Minato at Radisson Blu in Deira city. It’s Japanese buffet and live station for Tepinyaki was the best Japanese food I have had in a long time.




Waterpark: Wild Wadi

Given the heat, it’s obvious why a visit to the waterpark makes sense. The water is regulated at a cooler temperature and the idea of waterparks is more to have fun and relax and less for the thrill of it. While we ended up going to the Wild Wadi, I hear Aquaventure is quite good too.


Desert Safari

This is probably my favourite experience from the trip. We had ‘Arabian Nights’ arrange the day for us. Where we were picked up from our accommodation and driven into a desert. We were then taken for dune bashing (a very thrilling experience, if it’s your first time!) and later at the camp we were welcomed by camels and the option to try sandboarding. At the camp there was also local cuisine, shisha, henna tattoos, drinks, tanoora dance performance and belly dancers. Later in the evening we were driven back to our place on the highway.






Burj Khalifaa – at the top

If you’re in Dubai, this is one thing you must do, for the views. There really is not much else to it, just the views of the city and an exceptionally fast elevator ride.

If you have more time, you can also grab a meal at ‘at.mosphere’. A restaurant built on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa.


Dubai Nightlife: Boudoir

Dubai clubs and bars are not only known for their atmosphere and music, but also the grand architecture and service. I ended up going to Boudoir, for a night filled with music and fun, but the indoor permission to smoke was a huge turnoff for me.


Things I wish I had time for: Dubai cruise, sky diving, water sports

Life map

Its funny how when you look at the world’s map, you think ‘well there’s only so much’, I guess that perspective has to do with the way globalization has changed our frame of minds and reach! And I believe there’s enormous amount of things to be learnt and explored within this limited world.

Well, here’s my life map. Hopefully lots more to add to it!

Places on my wishlist: