The Beautiful Ireland

Boarded on for my ferry through the Irish Sea, all set to sail closer to my old life in London, a routine of work and studying; I embraced the beauty and charm of this absolutely amazing destination that made me feel at home in only a few hours.

What is it about Ireland that makes it so beautiful? Is it the lush green grass fields, countryside, sheep & cows or the landmarks?

I know for sure that this short trip would never have been so incredible if a stranger at airport didn’t come to bring back my brother’s lost ipad; or without the lovely conversation with the cab driver & his reommendation to visit the Victoria Square (A must go for all tourists: a beautiful view of the whole Belfast city: One thing I couldn’t get my eyes off for two hours!).

And the trip wouldnt have been so magnificent if the lady at the restaurant didn’t bring three packed water cups out of courtesy for our journey when I only asked for one; or if the strangers giving us directions didn’t show genuine concern and set us farewell with jokes and well wishes. It wouldnt be the same without the hillarious conversation with the guide at the city view.

Stop! Did I just meet with my Utopia here? Frankly, coming from the ruthless, competitive, noisy and harsh London I was surprised and relieved at the same time- for that moment I forgot all about my hectic routine in London and took the time to flow in this realm of generosity and courtesy from the Irish.

Only a few hours were enough to make me fall in love with not only the sites, landmarks and natural beauty but the factor that truly makes Ireland stand out from all the countries in the world. Everything you heard about the Irish hospitality- Its 100% true. I am definitely recommending this as a place to visit. If you are also trying to revive the sense of kindness humanity and generosity in your life- I cant see a better place you’d rather be.

Happy Traveling!