Dubai Food Scene: La Farine, Afternoon Tea

La Farine is my favorite afternoon tea experience in Dubai so far, given my limited Dubai foodventures.


It’s a nice mix of an airy, contemporary ambiance, welcoming staff and food that looks as good as it tastes.


We opted for the set afternoon tea menu and the quantity of food was rather overwhelming, with its five courses starting with fresh berries, then the tea tray with a selection of sweet and savory items including cakes, sandwiches, brownies and macaroons, followed by quiches, scones and lastly tea cakes.


Among the sweet items, red velvet stood out the most with its moist and light texture. In savory items, I am going to pick cucumber sandwich as my top pick.


At the bottom of the list is the weal bacon and mushroom quiche. Given the quantity of food, we took-out the tea cakes and sweets and the staff was nice enough to let us.


Dubai Food Scene: Serendipity 3, Dubai Festival City

Serendipity felt like a little sanctuary, an immediately love at first sight, thanks to its quirky, colorful ambiance. Its the kind of place you’d bring a book to read, enjoy a cup of tea and relax, in a sunny afternoon.


It also enjoys a very nice view of the skyline, a stone throw away. The staff too are lovely and happy to make suggestions, however the lack of smaller portions of food and snacks made ordering for something to go with our tea a bit difficult.


As we dropped in for tea, we ordered the Chocolate Blackout Cake and sweet potato chips to go with the Chamomile tea & coffee.


While the cake was to die for, it took two of us and a take-out to finish a single slice.


So, serving size is worth considering when ordering food. It’s a place I’d like to go back to and try other items on the menu. Definitely going back again!

Dubai Food Scene: Minato, Dubai Creek

Japanese has always been a tricky cuisine for me to enjoy as love for seafood doesn’t come naturally to me. The great thing about Minato is that the buffet is super flexible and has lots to choose from.


You get to pick the items for your teppanyaki and watch it being cooked at the live station. The staff is happy to make suggestions and guide you through the process, which is nice.



I am also a fan of their Japanese curry & desserts.


I hear the sushi is to die for as well (for those who prefer seafood & sushi). After a nice fulfilling meal you can also enjoy a cup of green tea which is included in the buffet.


Dubai Food Scene: Little Bangkok

Little Bangkok is slowly becoming my must-eat for every time I visit Dubai, thanks to my friends and family who introduced me to it.


The first time I visited Little Bangkok for lunch at the Down Town Branch. Even though the food was on point, drinks were the highlight of my afternoon.


More so, as it was an unexpected surprise. The Bangkok Sangria was most memorable among all other drinks. It is served as fresh fruits drowned in hibiscus juice, making it a fruity yet tangy.


We also enjoyed chicken satay, dumpling (Gai, Je, Gow, Sui May) and mango with ice cream/ sticky rice. They were kind enough to add vanilla ice cream on request.


Later, I have visited the restaurant multiple times for its breakfast menu. The idea was a unique one for me and certainly one I am a fan of.


Their offers make dining a wee bit more fun, so check out their website before popping in.

Islamabad Food Scene: Warehouse

I have been away from the food blogging scene for a while, as I continued to get disappointed with the inconsistency in quality of food and service at most restaurants in the city. But my few visits at Warehouse have convinced me to come back; that says a lot in itself.


Warehouse is a (relatively) new, cozy café in town with a very limited menu but everything on the menu is fantastic! Can’t say about the soups as I am yet to try them.


There’s nothing too fancy about the food, the items are simple, well thought of and quality & taste are always on point.  Meat is always tender and succulent but not too overwhelming.


My favorite aspects of the café are the drinks and hygiene. We know hygiene is a big issue when dining out in Pakistan, so the open kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared, does help.


And as for the drinks, the focus is on quality (and presentation); that’s what makes them one of my favorites in town. The smoothies are to die for, with fresh fruit as opposed to canned and the mojitos have the correct balance of citrus and sweet ingredients. Presentation in a mason jar only helps.

Be sure to carry cash, they do not accept cards.

Islamabad Food Scene: Smokin’ Joes

Earlier today, recommending restaurant to a colleague, I realized how long it has been since I reviewed one myself. So, here I am. This break does not in any way mean that I have not been eating out much. In fact I have discovered some really nice places to eat in Islamabad, while many still remain on my list. One of the amazing places I have been to lately is Smokin’ Joes.


It is an Italian restaurant in F10 with a really quirky and diner-ish vibe, yet classy. There are aquariums, fountains and really welcoming interior/ lighting. The funny thing is that we’ve been to this place three times now and it has not officially been launched as they are still finalizing the menu and dealing with some legal modalities, but they wouldn’t mind serving you nevertheless.


The food has been consistently pleasing. The lasagna and pasta Alfredo are probably the best in town. The lasagna has a crispy top layer, with a very cheesy and succulent layers underneath. The pasta has also impressed each time. Their grilled chicken cheese sandwich was quite nice too. If you like cheese and chicken, this is the place to be. They call themselves the ‘pizza & grill’ but sadly I didn’t find pizza up to the mark. It was neither thin crust nor a thick one. While it didn’t completely disappoint me, there are definitely better pizzas in town. When asked, we did recommend them to work on it; who knows they might improve it. Every time the service has been great, even at 1.30AM. One of my favorite things about the restaurant is that its open until 2.00AM, so it’s a great place for an untimely snack.

Lahore Food Scene: Butler’s Chocolate Café

Earlier last week, stopping by for coffee at Butler’s made me want to move to Lahore (a little bit) because if I was there, it would be my happy place where I could go to just enjoy a good read and a cup of some great coffee. Luckily though, I get to go to Lahore every now and then.


Nevertheless, at Butler’s Chocolate Café I ordered the standard cappuccino, which was probably the best I have had in Pakistan, in terms of presentation and the taste. They serve the coffee with a truffle or chocolate of your choice, which makes it only better.


With the coffee, I had the nutty brownie, which was undoubtedly the most ‘well thought of’ brownie I have ever had with everything I love: milk & white chocolate, cranberries, hazelnuts and caramel.


Having had such an amazing experience at the café, I decided to take way some hazelnut praline which too was remarkable, so I really can’t complain about anything at all. I just wish I could go there more often, but it’s not so bad especially as I decided to avoid both coffee and chocolate for a healthier diet.