Islamabad Food Scene: Warehouse

I have been away from the food blogging scene for a while, as I continued to get disappointed with the inconsistency in quality of food and service at most restaurants in the city. But my few visits at Warehouse have convinced me to come back; that says a lot in itself.


Warehouse is a (relatively) new, cozy café in town with a very limited menu but everything on the menu is fantastic! Can’t say about the soups as I am yet to try them.


There’s nothing too fancy about the food, the items are simple, well thought of and quality & taste are always on point.  Meat is always tender and succulent but not too overwhelming.


My favorite aspects of the café are the drinks and hygiene. We know hygiene is a big issue when dining out in Pakistan, so the open kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared, does help.


And as for the drinks, the focus is on quality (and presentation); that’s what makes them one of my favorites in town. The smoothies are to die for, with fresh fruit as opposed to canned and the mojitos have the correct balance of citrus and sweet ingredients. Presentation in a mason jar only helps.

Be sure to carry cash, they do not accept cards.


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