Lets be honest..

The more I live, the more people I meet, the more I see, experience and do, the more I question the idea of something or someone being ‘right’. Like many others around me, I was raised with a very rigid notion of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and most of my years, I have spent evaluating options, situations and people on that scale. It was never a problem because I wasn’t opinionated about what others should and should not do for most part and my definitions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ were just mine. And that was a good way of looking at it, until I realized that I could no longer pretend like I didn’t care about what the world around me was like, especially when I was ready to build relationships and friendships stronger than ever before.

I was however, challenged to rethink my ideals. Because by this time, I had met too many great, kind people who didn’t always fit into my definition of ‘right’. They were not doing everything ‘right’, but they were still pretty great people and those who I think were doing things ‘right’, seemed to have gotten it completely wrong. I am sure this doesn’t stand true for everyone, but it did for many of them.

I was left puzzled, and I re-evaluated what really mattered. May be the ideals we were brought up with (which might be great in theory) do not always govern the rules of life and we need to look at things for what they are. So, may be it makes more sense to be honest about us, than to be ‘right’ as this is what most of us had gotten wrong. We are so worried about being right, we forgot to be honest, real, kind and utilitarian. May be the rules were indeed made to be broken? Both in life and in our minds.


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