Breaking down the walls

As kids you imagine your life to be a certain way for when you grow up. At times I think we got so caught up in wanting to get there that we forgot to think about what comes next. It is funny how different, better and worse, life actually turned out. Having experienced so much more than what I could have ever imagined, yet having missed out certain things completely.

So, if you don’t know how it actually turns out, there’s no way for you but to open yourself to novel things which you might have not always penned down in your list; isn’t that how all the great things you never thought about happened too? If you were blinded by what your life’s picture looked like in your head, you might have missed out on all that’s great too. So you need to rely on your gut and try, no matter what else the rules or the picture in your head might say. Or how else would we break through the walls we built for ourselves?

More than anything else, this is a reminder to self!


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