Towards the ‘Tomorrow’..

Days, months, years go by and before we know it, we’re older & hopefully, wiser than ever before. Through these days, months and years we meet people, we take up jobs, we read, we learn but on that day when you look back and count the number of years gone by, it seems as though nothing and no one stayed with you anymore. Sure, you must have the goodwill, experiences and memories – but it all doesn’t walk with you for every single day of the rest of your life.

What stays with you is what you took away from every relationship, job and event in your life – what you learnt and what made you a better person. So, the only thing one has gained from their past is what they are today, and if you are not your best self today – most learned, wisest and most refined self – have those experiences really been worthwhile?

Things you do in life ought to have a purpose for you. Think before you do anything, for fun, for love, for growth, for anything – how am I helping ‘tomorrow me’? And think what ‘yesterday you’ has done for what you are today, just like I am now!


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