London in a Day

Earlier in my blog, I wrote about tourist-ing Zurich and Amsterdam is a day and as I come close to saying my good-bye, I am recording some of my favourite things to do in and about London. While I think it is impossible to see everything London has to offer in a day, I think it is possible to get a good glimpse of what the city is all about and here is a mini-itinerary if I had to see London in a day (this blog has also been inspired by tens of trips I have taken to show my visiting friends around London):

Emirates Airlines at the North Greenwich O2

There is a cable car which takes you from North Greenwich O2 to Canning Town and back in about 10ish minutes across the Thames River, giving you amazing views of the city – which I am guess you could also witness in the London Eye but at a much higher price. Also, it takes ages for the London Eye to go around and it could get boring and time consuming. On the contrary the cable car gives you a glimpse of the London’s bird’s eye view while making it time and budget efficient.


Experience the City Life in Canary Wharf

Many tourists forget that London is not only special because of its Royal palaces and traditions but also because it is one of the world’s major business hubs. Canary Wharf is the Wall Street of the UK – only that it is much prettier and nicer to walk through. Walking in the Canary Wharf you ‘d not only see Bugattis, suits and tall buildings which make the London sky line one of best in the world, but you will also have the chance to shop, sit by the fountains, relax at a bar by the riverside or even go to the cinema. I think it is a must see for all tourists.

Enjoy a drink with the view of St. Paul’s Cathedral in One New Change

I am all about the beautiful views and amazing food and aren’t we all? I think one of the best views which is yet to be explored by mainstream tourists is the one of St. Pauls Cathedral from the One New Change. You can shop in the mall and drop by at the Madison’s Rooftop Bar to enjoy a drink with this stunning view. There is also Caffe Concerto which has amazing desserts, and other restaurants.


Shop at Harrods, Knightsbridge

Harrods is one of a kind. It is a shopping mall which has got the culture and class. While you will only find the most obnoxiously expensive brands in the mall, you have got to expensive the customer service, environment and just the shops themselves. And if you like sweets or are buying them for anyone, go all the way to their top floor where you can find a jelly beans stations. Here you can choose the flavours you wish to buy. I find it pretty cool!

PicMonkey Collage1

Dinner Leicester Square -> Walk to Piccadilly Circus

Well known for all the right reasons are the Leicester and Piccadilly Circus, not a long walk away from each other. I think of Piccadilly Circus as the mini-Times Square and it has some tourist attractions one could visit as well. And Leicester Square has the M&Ms chocolate heaven and plenty of restaurants, cafes, dessert lounges and clubs. You could drop by to eat or just look around. Some of my favourite restaurants in London can be found here.


If you still have time, take a walk along the South Bank and enjoy the stunning views of the London Bridge and River Thames, which are beautiful by the night.


Having said this I think London attractions are a great way to explore the culture and enjoy yourselves, but all of these require lots of time which is why I have included bits and bobs which are my favourite about this city, less touristy and yet they entail a fair bit of what this amazing city is all about.


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