London Food Scene: The Real Greek, Stratford

My hunt for world cuisines took me to the Real Greek tonight. This was my first time trying Greek food, but with the help of little English descriptions it wasn’t difficult at all to understand your choices. Speaking of choices, you won’t run out of them while at the Real Greek as the menu has countless items to try from the more common wraps to octopus.


I tried melitzanosalata & fries starters and Halloumi & Falafel wrap for main course. The food was fresh and good quality, but I felt that there was too much sauce in the wraps, which made it drip and a little hard for me to eat. It was a rather satisfying meal but service was a little slow as only one waiter was serving the whole lot at once. My favourite part about the restaurant is their presentation. All the food is served in multiple tier racks/ stands.


To top it all off, the prices are very cheap for what you get. You can expect to pay about £15 per person for food and drink. [Halal food and drink is served]


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