London Food Scene: Mari Vanna, Knightsbridge

Thanks to my diverse group of friends, I ended up going to yet another Russian restaurant this evening, this time in Knightsbridge. The restaurant has such warm and cute ambience, with vintage furniture, chandeliers and wall hangings. The service too is great and very friendly.

PicMonkey Collage2

I went on a Tuesday evening, when there was Karaoke night, which made the environment even more fun, especially as we had two singers (!!) on our table.

Sadly, I only tried their drinks and dessert as I was running short on time. I had their berries Mors, a fruit drink which was rather refreshing and tasty. There is a whole lot of drinks you can choose from, which makes it so difficult to pick one but that also means you can come back to try different items on the menu. In dessert I was recommended the Napoleon by a Kazakh friend who is familiar with the cuisine. The cake was definitely different from any cake I had had before and while the cake looks small, it leaves you feeling full. I was also recommended the honey cake by a friend but I couldn’t try it for myself this time around.

Overall it was a lovely experience, but the prices are not the most budget friendly. For drink and dessert you can expect to pay £20 and for food, drink & dessert you could expect to pay £35 per person.


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