The Unexpected

Like every other person, I imagine how things might turn out in the future and how I ‘d feel about them at that point. And when I pictured finishing grad school and moving back home, after having lived and loved every bit of London and its people, I pictured it to be a transition full of nostalgia and push-pull. But that’s not how it turned out – Earlier this evening I found myself at a train station, on my way back from a farewell coffee-dinner#1-dinner#2 completely emotional and overwhelmed with all the love which people around me had shown to me, with their lovely presents, gestures and time.

At that moment I felt like my four years at university have really been worth it. Because I have not only achieved two degrees with distinctions, I have also earned lots and lots of love, which makes it all the more fulfilling.

I am not sure what exactly the future will hold for me, but it feels great to know that you have done justice to all that has come your way. Surprisingly, I am not sad, disappointed or upset – I am overwhelmed, thankful and anxious.

It is funny how life turns out so different from what you imagine. And most unexpectedly, how your feelings towards things turn out so much differently from what you imagine – This is why I think one must never define strictly every single route they want to take in life and abide by it no matter what. You never know what’s going to make you tick at different times in life, and thus you should always be open minded, not just for others – but for yourself.


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