London Food Scene: Thai Thai, Old Street

Today my quest for London’s culinary treasures took me to the Thai Thai Restaurant in Old Street. The location was rather easy for me to get to as my workplace in only a little walk away. Overall, I think the restaurant was a bit of a disappointment, especially as the website and menu available online really invite you in for a fine dining experience.


Firstly, I wasn’t impressed with the (slightly) ripped furniture or the attitude of the waitress who wouldn’t even smile when taking our order. Anyway, the food came and I was happy with my order, while my other friends were not so happy. I ordered the Thai Red Curry, which was spicy with a hint of coconut and lemon grass with egg fried rice and jasmine rice. The Thai Red Curry was very nice! My friends ordered the Thai Green Curry which was average and Pad Thai which was so so.


In terms of drinks, they do have some nice range of mocktails and cocktails, but they are ridiculously priced for what they are. Nevertheless, we tried the Virgin Colada, which was a nice rich Pina Colada.


I think the service and overpriced food probably wouldn’t bring me back here, having said that the restaurant is not so bad. I guess you just need to order the right things – but this was definitely not my favourite Thai food hub.


You can expect to spend £25 per person. [Halal food and drink is served.]


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