London Food Scene: Kati Roll, Oxford Street

Miss the desi food from back home with the most lip smacking flavours? Or ever wondered what an authentic roll paratha from the South Asian streets would taste like? Trying one at Kati Roll is probably the closest you will get to that while still being in London.


Kati Roll in Oxford Street has a little seating area and quirky ambience with wooden and metal benches and chairs, with ‘phatay’ poster on the walls and orange paint, giving you true feeling of being in a little café in South Asia and there is only one thing on the menu: Roll Parathay. Ofcourse of all different sorts, my favourite one being Chicken Tikka Roll.


You can also buy lassi or masala chai to go with your roll parathas. Although the parathas are not the biggest and you will probably need atleast two to fill you up, they are not expensive at all. You can expect to pay about £10 per person. [Food and drink served is Halal]


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