London Food Scene: Cabana Brasil

Cabana Brasil has a special place in my heart because my 21st surprise birthday party was thrown in this restaurant, which makes most of the food I ordered a little bit of a blur as I was so busy enjoying the day itself – although I ‘ll try and encapsulate my overall experience, to give an idea.


The ambience first of all is very welcoming and colourful. The staff is mostly friendly, depending on which branch you to go. This was my first time trying Brazilian food and I was rather impressed by how flavoursome the meat was. I ordered their Spicy Malagueta Chicken Burger with fries and Bacana Berry mocktail in drinks. Both made a rather satisfying meal, especially as I was starving, followed by a whole lot of fun with the friends.


Having said that, I regret not getting the skewers as they are more typical for Brazilian cuisine. Never mind though, there’s always a next time.


Overall, you can expect to spend £15-£20 per person. [Some branches serve Halal food and drink]


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