London Food Scene: Duck & Waffle

My favourite thing about duck and waffle is the fact that it is open 24 hours of the day – so whenever you crave an untimely dessert or quick bite, you know where to go. But don’t forget to dress smart as you would definitely not be allowed to enter the Heron Tower with your jammies on.


Duck & waffles is unique as its name and iconic ‘duck & waffle’ item on the menu suggests. Sadly, there’s not too much I could try as the meat served is not halal. Nevertheless, I could comment on the dessert we tried, service and our experience. I had their waffle with ice cream and nuts, which looked as great as it tasted and was served with home made nutella. The staff was kind, but the place is ALWAYS busy, and that includes 3AM in the morning.

Heron Tower and hence the Duck & Waffle has one of the most stunning views of London, so you can catch up with friends with a good view while you have food, dessert or drinks. The music although is quite loud which is not a surprise as Sushi Samba is just next door. I guess Duck and Waffle is special because of its location, view and environment, but items on the menu are not my thing.

You can expect to pay £30 for food and drink.


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