London Food Scene: Caffe Concerto, Regent Street

Caffe Concerto is one of my favourite places to get birthday cakes from or to enjoy a quick snack or to catch up with friends over a cup to tea. This is because the service is always amazing, there are a wide range of items you can choose from and there’s always new things to try.

PicMonkey Collage

While I have tried their pasta and sea food platter (which is a rather good way to share), I remain biggest fan because of their cakes and tarts. Their chocolate and fruit cakes (some served with ice cream) are simply very high quality and taste great. It is although worth checking if there is alcohol in the cakes, as some of them do have alcohol in them, while others are non-alcoholic and suitable for vegetarians as well.


In terms of birthday cakes, you can pre-order or just grab one from the store (if luck is on your side). For my, Caffe Concerto is just a great place to sit back, relax and spoil yourself.


You can expect to pay £25 for food, drink and dessert.


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