London Food Scene: Banana Tree, Soho

Banana tree has impressed, every time we have been there. I found out first about this restaurant as it was only a short walk away from my university (in Angel) and the happy hour deals spread like wild fire in our batch of students. Sadly, it took me a little while until I finally tried their food (and fell in love) as while I had heard most good comments about its food, a friend also mentioned that it wasn’t great – which I definitely don’t agree with after trying it for myself. Banana tree is one of the most reasonable and delicious Pan-Asian/ Indo-Chinese places in London, I think.


In food I have tried their Tofu Pad Thai, ‘Ying Yang’ Laksa (aromatic noodles soup) and Ayam Kunyit Chicken Curry, making sure that each time I try something new as there’s such a nice variety on the menu. Each of the items tasted great, had good presentation and had generous portion of servings. Also, on lunch menu you’re served complementary popadoms with your order.



The picture of Ying Yang Laksa is of the serving in lunch menu and NOT the one on the usual Al La Carte menu. The one on the menu is much bigger a portion.


In drink I have tried their Lychee and Lemongrass Cooler, Strawberry and Passion Fruit Mojito, Jasmine Tea and Passion Fruit Mojito. The passion fruit mojito was probably my favourite out of the two as it was something unique from other mocktails I have tried before.


The staff is usually lovely, happy to recommend items over the menu and to even alter dishes a little bit depending on what you prefer, like I had the aubergine removed from my ‘Ying Yang’ Laksa.


You can expect to pay £15-£20 for food and drink. There is always deals on the lunch menu, happy hour etc which are worth checking out. [Halal food and drink is served]


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