London Food Scene: Hilton, Park Lane

Thanks to a foodie friend who suggested we try the Chocoholics Afternoon Tea at Hilton, we ended up going there earlier this year. This was probably when the Chocoholics Afternoon Tea had just arrived their restaurants.


Even though we came back feeling like we got diabetes as the cakes were quite sweet, we loved the experience and the food was unique to any other afternoon teas I had tried before. The service was obviously great, we were greeted by a lady who took our coats and umbrellas. We were then seated and offered some tea, which we got a refill for later on. There was a fair range of teas to choose from. Later we were brought the sandwiches which we had chosen from the selection. These sandwiches were naked at the top (served on a single bread slice). I tried their vegetarian options. The sandwiches were enough to kick off the afternoon tea and left enough space for us to enjoy the cakes, scones and other delicacies which followed. An afternoon tea wins me over if the scones are fresh and warm and thankfully this was the case here at Hilton. There were three different toppings to choose from for the scones including jam, cream and chocolate. There were also little pastries and meringue, which were equally a treat for the eyes as they were to the taste buds.


With so much to eat, we were left with some pastries and cakes which we hadn’t even tried – So, the lady offered to have it packed up nicely for us. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and while there was too much sweet on the plate, I guess that’s what you should expect when going in for a Chocoholics themed Afternoon Tea.


We paid £25 per person for the afternoon tea. Depending on where and what you book for, you’d probably be paying different price.


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