London Food Scene: Busaba Ethai, Leicester Square

I ended up going to Busaba Ethai with a get together of our batch mates for MSc. programme. While I had seen the restaurant passing by, I didn’t know what to expect – but I was happy with what I got (don’t I love food!).


Busaba has a very inviting and ethnic ambience with wooden benches and lamps over the tables, making it look like something out of a kung fu movie, minus the violence and fighting. The service too was quite nice as the staff were happy to recommend items and explain what each dish was like. This helped us pass our time while we were waiting in the queue, which brings me to my next point about not being able to book in advance. We had to wait in the queue for about 40 minutes after getting to the restaurant as it was a weekend and we were a group of 15 people, even though we had called earlier to book – turns out they don’t take advance bookings at all, which could be a problem sometimes.


I ordered the pad thai and guava juice. One of the biggest problems is that the restaurant is not Halal and there are so many vegetarian options a person has. But what I tried was great, with quite a large serving as well. The juice was quite standard.

You can expect to pay £20 per person for food and drink.


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