London Food Scene: Carom, Soho

We ended up at Carom in Soho with the pure intention to try out another restaurant. So we went in hoping to be served with great food and environment to have a good time with friends. And I have to say, Carom is probably the best service and presentation I have seen in a South Asian restaurant in the whole of London. I always say, I enjoy food first with my eyes and then the mouth – so it was a treat for me from the moment we were served with food and before, as the staff is super friendly and attentive.


We were greeted by two ladies who generously offered to take our coats. Later we were seated in the restaurant. There is also lounging areas for people who just want to have snacks and drinks – the ambience and environment in itself wanted me to come back just for snacks. Nevertheless, restaurant area was no less inviting.


We were tempted to order the 9 curry tapas but they don’t let you choose the curries so we thought it wasn’t worth the risk. Instead we got the Chicken Tikka Skewers, which was served on a slab/ mini-table with raita and Bukhara naan (bread filled with some sort of batter). We also ordered two curries, Chennai Chicken Curry and Pumpkin Paneer Haveli with bread basket. My favourite item in terms of taste was the Pumpkin Paneer Haveli (although mixing the two curries together was a good experiment too) and presentation wise Chicken Tikka Skewers win.


In terms of drinks, we ordered the Apply Mojito and Lassi. I quite enjoyed the mojito but there was only the slightest hint of apple. Otherwise it was a standard mojito. The serving for lassi was not a very generous one, especially for the price – but you pay a premium for the location and service.


Overall you can expect to pay £25 per person for food and drink. [The restaurant serves Halal food and drink]


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