Folks through time, still mine!

Going through old & new photos of my family members, relatives, friends; I got thinking of how we look at our family, our cousins, our siblings, our people and others.. And I found myself rolling over double standards there, unconsciously because we’re brought up thinking that we’re supposed to be similar and have similar standards for how we live, what we do and what we do or do not appreciate. And to be fair that seemed like a reasonable expectation to have earlier in the days as we lived closely knit together and we were only growing up and finding ourselves, asking similar questions about similar things… But as we grow older and start to experience different things in life and turn out different from each other attributing to experiences, we can’t really be thought of as being so similar any more, yet we do love each other – I guess we then need to start treating them more as friends than family who we unconsciously want to be similar to. We learn from them, we support them, we cherish them, but we can’t expect them to have the same aspirations and habits like us, even though you do share a history with them and that never changes and you carry bits & bobs with you. I just think I am writing this as we all grow older to find each other change through time and often times it can be hard to understand that we can’t expect ourselves or people to be what they were and to have the same relationship with you as they did before. Things change, people change, our dynamics with others changes – It’s just a part of this wonderful journey.

This blog is only a reminder to self. Growing up has never been the easiest thing for my mind to get around!


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