London Food Scene: Ekachai, Liverpool Street

The first time I went to Ekachai, it was with my work colleagues for my farewell meal. It sounded like a safe option as it was Thai (my favourite) cuisine, close to the offices in Liverpool Street and had decent reviews on the web.

PicMonkey Collage

Given the location, it is a very busy restaurant in the lunch hours – however, the second time I went there in the evening, it was much quieter but the service was as quick and the staff was as friendly as they were in the afternoon.

I have tried their Tofu Pad Thai, and it was delicious enough for me to order it again. Each time I had to take it away as the serving portion is quite large; very good value for money. Their vegetable spring rolls are nice too and I am tempted to try more items on the menu, but sadly the restaurant does not serve Halal food.

They have a few nice mocktails you can choose from as well. I tried the Lychee and Coconut juice, which too wasn’t a disappointment.

The prices are pretty reasonable. You can expect you pay about £15 on food and drink.


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