London Food Scene: Assaha Village

I went to Assaha for a friend’s birthday and then back for another friend’s birthday celebration and I have loved their food, ambience and service each time. The staff especially, is very nice and kind. On my friend’s birthday I had a cake crisis (due to bank holiday) and could only find some in Starbucks/ Costa, which obviously didn’t impress. The staff combined the fruit cocktail with cake, which made those not-so-special cake worth celebrating with. You can also expect the waiters to make polite conversations with you and to serve food quickly. Also, the ambience is ethnic, unique and they have plenty of space downstairs if you wish to book for a bigger group.

PicMonkey Collage

Assaha is based near Lancaster Gate and is a Lebanese Restaurant. Even though you need to travel a little off Central London, it is well worth it and the area is nice. I have tried their Halloumi and Chicken Tikka Shawarma, which were both simple and tasty. I would have liked some more gravy though. I also tried their Shish Taouk, which was served with salad and pita bread. Wasn’t disappointed with this either.


I think Assaha Village has always been a delight to visit, because of the whole package and not just the food. You can expect to spend about £15 per person on average. [All food and drink served is Halal]



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