London Food Scene: L’Eto Café, Soho

I happen to drop by in the L’Eto Café on my way back from a meal at a restaurant nearby in Soho. So, the amazing location of the café is a given plus and the ambience of the café doesn’t disappoint either.

PicMonkey Collage

My favourite thing about L’Eto Café is the unique range of items on the menu and the honey cake. Their honey cake is LEGENDARY! It is absolutely on point. It is not too sweet, not too salty, not too fruity – just on point. We also tried their chocolate nut cake, which was nice but I didn’t like it anywhere as much as I liked the honey cake. In drinks, they have a range of fresh juices and mocktails you can choose from, as well as hot drinks. I tried their melon and lime mocktail, carrot and apple juice and coffee. Each one of them were good – but having ‘healthier’ drinks on the menu made me feel better about spoiling myself with the cake. The sales person was really nice, as she let me experiment with the juices and mix two of them together, even though that’s not how they were on the menu.

I am definitely tempted to try more items on their menu. The prices are reasonable given the location and quality of food. We paid about £10 each for drink and dessert.


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