London Food Scene: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I am very excited to review GBK as it is my favourite burger joint in London. I cannot remember how many times I have been there and all the different burgers, sides and drinks I have tried – all of which are delicious! GBK restaurants usually have a very upbeat and welcoming vibe with diner-like ambience and very friendly staff. The staff is always happy to recommend or explain items on the menu.


In burgers I have tried Habanero, Taxi Driver, Camembert, Classic and Blue Cheese burgers. My favourite on is Habanero as I like hot food. Their chicken is always juicy, flavoursome and even the plain burgers are delicious, saying so much about the quality of the burgers. If you don’t mind a bit of spice, do try their kiwi sauce.

In sides I have tried their skinny fries, chunky fries, chicken satay and halloumi. None of them disappoint. The fact that they have a range of sides and drinks to go with the burgers means you can try something new each time.

In drinks they have milkshakes, lemonades/ mojitos and soft drinks. There are free unlimited refills for all lemonades which justify their price. The milkshakes are served in large glasses and have a very generous portion.

PicMonkey Collage

It is also worth knowing that there is student discounts if you download the mobile app for GBK and from time to time you can expect to be rewarded with freebies as you collect points.

The prices are fairly reasonable. You can expect to pay £15 per person for food and drink, or more depending on what you order. [Chicken is usually Halal, but it is always worth rechecking]


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