London Food Scene: Thai Square, Trafalgar Square

A few week ago I randomly popped in for lunch at Thai Square as it was close and one of our friends had heard good things about it. This was in Islington branch. Since then I have been to their Trafalgar Square branch and I plan to go again this weekend. This is enough to say how fond I am of Thai Square. It is probably one of my favourite restaurants in London because of its excellent quality Thai food, range of items on the menu, customer service and ambience.

My opinion is obviously biased because Thai is my favourite cuisine. But if you are fond of Thai cuisine and are looking for a fine dining experience, Thai Square is the place to be. Now be aware that the ambience and customer service varies with branches, however both that I have been to were good – I do prefer the one at Trafalgar Square which is more spacious and ethnic in terms of ambience and has a very central location.

I have tried their Thai Green curry, coconut rice and spring rolls. One of my friends also tried their soups and was happy with what she ordered. The portion of servings is generous and food tastes great! One of my favourite ways to order at Thai Square is to get their lunch box menu, which allows you to order rice, a side, a portion of fruits, a portion of steamed vegetables and a main (curry or stir fry) for only £10. I am not sure if this offer is always available in store, so it is worth dropping them a line to confirm if you wish to order it.

PicMonkey Collage

There are a few nice drinks, both hot and cold, to choose from as well. I tried ‘Day Tripper’ mocktail, which was as tasty as it was good looking. However, I would have liked a larger amount of the drink itself.

The food and dining experience is worth every penny you pay. But you can expect to pay about £15-£20 per person given you order separately and not as a part of the lunch box menu. [Most branches serve Halal food and drink. It is worth dropping them a line to confirm]


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