Clinique Clause

I have now been using Clinique products for a little over a year and even though I am happy with my skin care routine now, the journey to this one has not been a straight forward one. When I was looking up reviews for Clinique skin care products before buying them, I found two extreme nature of reviews – One who absolutely love it, and others that absolutely hate it. So, I thought it would only be fair to write about my experience with Clinique to draw on a rather balanced and honest view of the products.

I use Clinique’s Blemish Skin Care routine including the foundation. I have to say this is the best foundation I have found for my skin, let’s just say that I don’t feel guilty about wearing make-up anymore. And while I use the cleanser and moisturiser every day, I only exfoliate every couple of days as the solution is very strong for my skin to be used every day like it was suggested by Clinique sales representative.

The first time I bought myself a Clinique skin care routine, the sales representative recommended me the Number 3 solution for Dry/ Combination skin and this made me break out. Graciously, they do not mind exchanging your items if you think you have been recommended the wrong code, which was the case with me. I was then recommended the Blemish Skin Care routine which I altered over the course of my use, to suit my skin the best. So, when your skin reacts badly to a certain product, it might just be that it is not right for you – It is always worth discussing the situation with a representative at Clinique and see what they have to say about it.

Also, I think Clinique products are very specialised. So if you are looking for something for everyday use this might not be the best choice of brand (especially as the products are quite expensive), however if you wish to tackle a certain problem like blemished or dry skin etc you just need to find the right product and usage regime for yourself and it will be the best thing that ever happened!


4 thoughts on “Clinique Clause

  1. Oh girl, I have also used Clinique for all my skin care needs. Unfortunately I found the more I used the more my skin rebelled. It wasn’t getting the designer treatment it deserved and was sure to tell me about it. I started looking like an old hag in a matter of months. I do adore their perfumes though. If you’re looking for luxury skin care that is geared more towards your specific needs, try Mary Kay. It’s cheaper and just quite frankly better.

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