London Food Scene: La Goulette, Kilburn

I was recommended this restaurant by a Tunisian friend, and I am glad I took it. It is a cute, little restaurant based near Kilburn station on the Jubilee line. If you’re expecting a fancy, extravagant restaurant, this is probably not for you. Although La Goulette does make up with its delicious authentic Tunisian food, hand painted cutlery, ethnic ambience and welcoming staff.

We were served with complementary bread, olives and a dip before we placed our order. We tried their Chicken Kousha, Lamb Couscous and Moutabel. Each of the items tasted great, my favourite was the Chicken Kousha which was served in a clay pot with rice at the side. It had peppers, chicken, tomato and gravy cooked in a clay pot for an extended period of time, making the flavour very rich. While I couldn’t try it this time around, I was recommended by my friend to try the Brik. It will surely be on my order the next time I am there.


There is a shortage of range of drinks on the menu. You can only order soft drinks, water or coffee/ tea. There are no mocktails or special teas of any sort but all in all a place definitely worth trying!

The prices are very reasonable for the quality of food and customer service. You can expect to pay £10 on average. [All food and drink are Halal]


2 thoughts on “London Food Scene: La Goulette, Kilburn

    • Hi Dimshum,

      You should definitely pay a visit and tell me what you think about the place and food. This was my first time trying Tunisian food as well – good experience overall. Enjoy xo

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