London Food Scene: SamarQand, Bond Street

This is my second blog reviewing London’s dining hot spots. I chose SamarQand because it is one of the most unique restaurants I have been to in London. It is based in the heart of the city in Bond Street, only a little walk away from the Oxford Street. The restaurant give off a calm vibe, has candle lights, cushions and sofas – so it definitely is one of fine dining spots. But there is a twist in the ambience, with a massive horse and a large screen (the volume doesn’t annoy as they only have music in the background) in the restaurant. The great thing is that there is space further away from the screen if you wish to be seated in a place with lesser distractions.


Now, about the food – The restaurant specialises in Russian cuisine. I tried their salads, sautéed chicken and potatoes, starters and drinks. My favourite bit was the range of drinks, I had the Melon Mocktail which was amazing! And a starter called the Khachapuri. It is basically a flatbread with cheese filling. While it sounds simple, it was absolutely delicious. The other food had fair size of servings and good quality/ flavours. Russians are pretty big on meat (I am not!), and a few of my friends tried their dumplings and quite liked them. There was lots of new things to try and I would definitely go back again. The staff was very friendly too and happy to recommend items on the menu. They even suggested to me a few drinks that were not on the menu.

The prices are not the cheapest. You can expect to pay approximately £30 per person for the food and drink, but you pay a premium for exclusivity of the cuisine and location. [All food served is Halal]


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