London Food Scene: Loaded Burger

As I get nearer to closing a chapter of my life (and as I am a foodie), an idea sprung into my mind to document my adventures in this beautiful city where there is always so much to see and experience – And absolutely amazing set of restaurants and cuisines waiting to be explored. So here’s my first one on Loaded Burger as only today, I brunched there with a couple of friends. The location for this one is a bit tricky to find. We missed the restaurant atleast thrice, the first time we went there. It is on my main Ilford High Road to the left of Ilford Station and has a grey banner which doesn’t stand out much especially if you’re visiting in the evening.

Loaded burger is a good quality and fun burger joint based in East London. I say fun because of their range of drinks and option to ‘make your own’ burger. You can choose to created you own burger by choosing from a range of patties, toppings, sauces and salad – with no limit, literally (ofcourse, you have to pay according to how many and which ones you pick). Loaded burger is famous for its challenge burger which is basically a tower of patties and topping – something I believe a normal person cannot eat or enjoy ‘as a burger’ – but hey, if you’re feeling brave, why not? I have tried a whole range of their toppings and I have never been disappointed. They have a few sides to add to your order as well.
Their range of drinks are served in cute little pots and have a fair range to choose from. I tried their strawberry mojito and bubblegum daiquiri. I quite like both of them but the bubblegum daiquiri was a bit too sweet.
The prices are pretty reasonable. You can expect to pay approximately £15 per person for the food and drink.
Lastly, their customer service is very good – The staff is friendly and happy to make recommendations about what to order. [All their food is Halal and drinks non-alcoholic]


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