In a hopeless place…

There’s so many things we do to make sure our children come out as good people. We try to introduce them to the right system of values, good company, good upbringing, the right environment and so on.. And to be fair it is a scary world to bring up children in because the bad is so easy and good is too hard. But once in a while, you find those people who have that innate sense of what’s right and wrong. Without any set of religious values and optimal upbringing or lavish lifestyles, they can still choose to do what’s right and just have a sense to repel what’s not. I do think these people are blessed to have that, but more than that – It is inspirational for me to see. I have never met anyone like this one friend before and if you just didn’t know their story you wouldn’t guess what the walk with in their minds every single day. A young mind, with passion, aggression and thirst to do the best – but also the responsibility, humility and willingness to do the right thing no matter what. I am writing this blog, because I think I am lucky to have found one such friend in my whole life and it make me reassure my faith in humanity. There’s people in the world who are born with everything they need, but then there’s people who’re born with everything within them and they’re the ones who see life with more compassion, sensibility and gratefulness – blessed are they who can learn, count their blessing and make things happen every day!


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