About Time

Time is probably the most important asset all of us have. In essence, an asset’s value is determined by its scarcity and time fits the perfect description of something valuable in that sense because there’s only so much of it that we have every day and in one life time. Thinking about this we should probably appreciate more when someone decides to give us theirs and spend ours wisely too.
But this blog is about something different. It’s a question I was inspired to ask having watched the movie ‘about time’. What would we do if we could do it all over again? Live it all over again? Would we change the things that we did? I think the movie has a better answer than anyone could answer for that. If you could live it all over again you’d live it a little more. You ‘d worry less about what’s next and think about what you have now, enjoy and live in the moment – give selflessly and love unconditionally. I know it is easier said than done – infact it would become a little difficult to progress into the future that you want, if you lived too much in the moment – so I think we all need a minute of reflection and contemplation each day, to just look around and be thankful for little things that make your life worth living. It’s about time we realised that!


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