Time’s going to change..

Booking my single ticket back home after four years of having lived in London has to be one of the weirdest feelings I have gotten in a very long time. Probably comparable to the one when, I held in my hand, the single ticket for London, although completely different and not necessarily bad but leaves me feeling a bit helpless in where my life is going from here. It’s a feeling I am not too fond of or too familiar with. In life so far, when I do something I know what it is inside out, its outcomes, its motivations…. But I have nothing but my word for this one and lots and lots of hope. It hasn’t and cannot hit me how much my life is about to change, but hopefully for the better – it is not the certainty of something worse or different which scares me, it’s the certainty of nothing at all so far which does.
Things I want to do and achieve in life are definitely not changing and I have them more or less figured out. I think it is just one of those phases where you need to unfreeze, move and freeze again. So far all of those transitions have been more amazing than the last ones, lets hope that doesn’t change!
It’s a weird feeling but there’s no feeling that can’t be danced away. God help me figure this out!

Now… I am counting days – gotta make them count!


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