Wrecked with gratefulness

I always thought to myself that when great things happen in life, there is only one way to react to it. To do more, work harder, give more back.. But then there are moments in life when that is no longer sufficient. And words cannot describe how lucky I feel to be able to feel that way, may be just now, may be for a moment, but I am eternally grateful.


And I found this feeling not in but amidst of my milestones, not on an occasion but only on a walk back from home when a kind gesture from shopkeeper just made me stop and realise how life has showered me with blessings so much lately. Everything I was worried about is starting to fall in place, things I was sceptical about are starting to make sense, things I wanted to do are finally working out and I am among people who are ever so kind.


But moments of realisation like this bring a weird sense of helplessness, there is not even the urge to want to give back and work harder (but I shall try), because you can never ever do so much that would be enough and then all you can do is thank and thank and thank. I am so grateful!


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