World at Night: The Triad

earthlights2_dmsp_bigThis picture was taken in 2000 by a NASA satellite. A very unique and amazing picture it is, but there is something about the picture, beyond the serenity. It describes the idea of economic prosperity in very simple terms. If you haven’t already noticed the obvious, go back and spot the regions with most ‘light’. Its implications could be understood very well if you took the word ‘enlighten’ literally. It is indeed the ‘triad’ of world economic leaders which are most ‘enlightened’ in the picture and otherwise in terms of their GDP and technological development. The ‘triad’, which means three, of the world economic leaders are America, Europe and some regions of Asia (Japan/ China). These are the major trade hotspots of the world, which means the ‘prosperity’ in the world is distributed as clusters, the extent of which is beautifully and simply shown in this picture. The map below is just an illustration of world GDPs per capita, which show trends of the sort, not very different from the picture taken by satellite.



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