Quality Cinema: Rush & Warrior

The reason I chose to blog about these two movies together is because I think they overlap in so many different ways and because I think they are probably among the best movies I have ever watched.

I don’t usually blog about movies or review them, but these two have inspired me, moved me and left me thinking. They are both about competition, legacy and what makes their impact so strong is the fact that they are based on true stories. I have always found that movies with real stories to help me connect with it, so I can take away something by the end of the two hours.

There’s three intriguing notions the movies left me with. First, is the willingness to compete and be the best. The funny thing is that success stops being about money and enjoyment after a while, it becomes something you associate, identify and define yourself with. Second, is about how you succeed, and that is to know your thing, simply! The more you know about something, the better you will be. And the greatest thing about that is that you do not need to have always been flawless or look great to do that, that’s one thing we don’t see very often in fictional scripts. And last is that having said and seen so much about success and competition, at the end of the day it’s the families, friendships and their memories that we are left with.

So, I am highly recommending both these amazing movies!



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