Silent Side of Success

Earlier I wrote about what this success was that everyone seems to want so badly. I believe it is the journey that defines success, not the destination alone because there are milestones at the end of each day, success and failures on each one of them without any standard meaning of what it actually means to succeed. I reckon the widely accepted notion of success ∝ money doesn’t always hold either and is a very hollow idea in itself.


But what happens once you do started to deem yourself as someone who is ‘successful’. Many find it to be a place of complete bliss, with no worries but there is a side of it that most people fail to see and I realise this, at every milestone that I achieve for myself: graduation, going to grad-school, entering the professional world etc. I also observe this in people who I see succeed around me and the ones I idealise for that matter. This side is not as idyllic as many imagine it to be. Success doesn’t come free or easy and once you have it, you have all the more reasons to work harder, give more, know more, do more and be the person that success demands or implies you to be. This becomes even more complex when you worry about being socially compliant, especially when your version of ‘society’ is multi-dimensional. By no means do I think we shouldn’t endeavour to succeed but knowing what that means holds all the meaning.


When you have it all, you also have the responsibility for it. I think that’s what the logic is behind the saying: ‘life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once’ – Paulo Coehlo.


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