Adding to the “Dwelling-Dilemma”

I have spoken earlier of the idea that I call the Dwelling-Dilemma in my blog at various different points. It is the idea that in multi-cultural societies where many people have travelled far and long in their lives being born in one place, bred in another, studied in another and worked in another. This did not mean that they have no place to call home, infact that have associations with all those different places and no matter where they go, there is always another place to call home. So, in the end you have more than just one place to call home and home had changed its typical meaning of where you were born, to something associated with your experiences and sense of longing.

Pico Iyer looks at this matter from a very interesting and simple perspective. He suggests that ‘home’ is infact a work in progress, something that people are continously adding to with where they go, what they do and achieve. The talk presents this idea beautifully and goes highly recommended by me!


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