22 things to do before I turn 22


The other day one of my friends spoke of this really interesting idea for making list of things you would want to have achieved, learnt or done by your next birthday and doing so every year (thank you Falak). So, here is my first list of things to do before I blow 23 candles on my cake next year (the years are going way faster than I would have wanted them to!):

  1. Ace my Master’s degree
  2. Visit my adorable little nephews back home
  3. Go on a euro-trip
  4. Organise a reunion for university/ high school friends
  5. Finalise a career direction for my next professional move  – Did I just plan to plan?
  6. Holidays or not, learn to abide by: early to bed, early to rise. Clearly, I need this one (blogging at 4:16am right now)
  7. Gather décor ideas for my new room
  8. Find an amazing research topic and the right supervisor for it
  9. Try a new look with the new university: (Brunette, bob & new winter wardrobe may be?)
  10. Go to a theme park in London (Once and for all!)
  11. Go sightseeing around London
  12. Experience the west end theatricals
  13. Learn some form of dance professionally
  14. Eat Healthier: More fruits, more water, less chocolates, crisps, donuts, candies … 😦
  15. Learn to do the waterfall braid on my hair
  16. Learn Photoshop properly
  17. Practice & experiment with my DSLR – Need to learn to make the most of what it can do
  18. Remember all the family birthdays/ anniversaries. This was never a problem for me, but it is getting more and more difficult with new additions in the family.
  19. Upgrade my watch: MK Rose Gold may be? I really need to find things I like that are not from MK.
  20. Buy a new laptop
  21. Battle my mathematically anxiety
  22. Write more often – it sucks how caught up we get working, studying, traveling, socialising …. that we don’t get to do things we love. Well, that’s exactly what I am going to work on. No matter what, I should take a break and try to write atleast every two weeks!

I am sure there are countless other things I am going to be working on this year and hopefully it has lots and lots for me to learn about and achieve but I hope this list would be a good start!


2 thoughts on “22 things to do before I turn 22

    • Hey,

      I am glad I passed on some interesting ideas!!

      I got all of them, except for not being able to learn a form of dance professionally or fixing my routine. I guess I am just not an early riser? Ha 🙂

      Good look with yours xo

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