Milestone: Graduation Day


It is unbelievable how fast the time has gone by, with days spent studying, some slacking, some laughing, some crying, some struggling, while other rejoicing. These three years have really been the best of my life so far. However, the best is yet to come- as said by my University’s Chairperson in his speech before the procession of the ceremony.

The day sure has marked itself down as an unforgettable and a very special day of my life. It not only highlighted our hard work, passion and talents but it was also a celebration and a reward for all the effort that has gone in to making us the people we are today, the effort by us, our friends and family; with whom I set farewell to the first degree of my life. It is not just this degree that the graduation day has bid a farewell to, but also the years of education that were spent towards getting a place in this degree and who made us capable enough to survive the degree.

The most magical moment of the day has to be when the names are called out and they announce… with First Class Honours – Maryam Sohail, you know at that moment that all the hard work, time and effort has been worthwhile. Until now, I had only been feeling the nostalgia for having to leave behind my university life and moving on to my Masters course, but today I felt the happiness and sense of achievement because I knew my milestones and its outcomes were being celebrated for and recognized.

Having the support and presence of my loved ones from family, friends and the family I had made at university only assured me that I had gained something more than just a degree from these three years of my life. More than the piece of paper, what mattered was the friendships we made, lessons we learnt, the knowledge we have, the memories we have shared and the days we have spent bringing ourselves closer to what we are today.

But this is only just a start. One journey ends and another begins and the destination for the first journey has been absolutely worth it. So, congratulations to the class of 2013 and hoping for future brighter and better! 


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