Repercussions of the Dwelling Dilemma

Having lived most of my childhood and school life in one country and my university life in another, leaves me in a position which I call the dwelling dilemma, something I have previously blogged about too.


Without doubt, one form bonds with places they go and people they share time and memories with. It is difficult to say which place you bond with more when in one place you set your first step, made childhood friends and family. And another place where you found your first job, wrote your first research paper and found friends that you know will stay forever. On a usual day, I would regard this as exactly what I wanted from my life, best of both worlds.

But this is not always the case, especially at times where geography plays its vicious role in our lives. In general, I believe that distances are becoming smaller by the day with ease of being able to travel but there are things that you might not be able to do so for, causing for you to miss out on things that are priceless and immeasurable. This feeling takes over me when I hear of close friends getting engaged, married, nephews growing up, learning how to pose for the camera or a parent being unwell. These things need not be the ultimate milestones in your life, but they really make you who you are and the problem is you always miss out on something, no matter where you are. Especially as these priceless moments cannot be scheduled or repeated, yet it means more than the world! The feeling got even deeper as I came out of the cinema having watched ‘yeh jawani hai dewani’, a movie based on things you realize when you travel the world, including the fact that the place where you ultimately want to be is home.

Well, I guess I miss home all the time- Because where ever I go there’s another home out there. But there’s an opportunity cost for everything. How I wish we could really do it all, live it all. We can still try our best though!


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