How much is good enough?

It’s not unusual for me, or anyone for that matter to get into a conversation about so many things that go wrong in the world around us including some of the causes which I truly deeply feel for. It is also not unusual for us to come to the conclusion that we cannot do anything about it as the system is flawed.


I always addressed this issue by telling myself that we could all make a difference, may be not at a macro level but we all had something to contribute. I call this making difference at an ‘individual level’. In this process, the very first thing being knowing that something wrong, is actually wrong. Second, being speaking for the right thing and the last one to actually make it right.


I do agree that not all of us have the capacity to make it right, but I believe we all could draw ourselves somewhere on that grid, with many of us being able to rise above just the ‘individual’ contributions based around your own self.


I reconsidered my thought of being accountable at an individual level and found myself questioning how my life would be if everyone around me had only made an individual contribution, making their lives better alone. And that made me think we are not just accountable for what happens to us and what we do for ourselves, but for people around us, causes around us because at the end of the day we don’t live alone, unaffected by others.


So I guess, depending on the kind and number of opportunities you get to be a part of a positive change for others around you, you really are accountable for the circumstances of others, sometimes in formal terms by being a parent, a boss, a carer… and sometimes in less formal ways that can only be described in terms of morality and interpersonal relationships. 


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