What university life taught me?


Living miles away from home to study abroad was no easy decision for me or people associated with me to make but I have to admit it has been an experience worth all the effort and time. It has also been very different from what I might’ve initially expected. It has left me with countless lessons, many of which are way beyond academic. I am composing a few of these in this blog:

–          Time flies, literally!

–          Every journey comes to an end; the destination just has to be worth it.

–          There’s some real wisdom in the saying: ‘there’s two rules to being successful: 1. Never reveal everything you know. 2. ‘

–          People matter, but not all of them.

–          Academics are no more than just the basics to build on. It is the start of an era, not the end.

–          Purpose defines goals. Money or pleasures don’t. There’s a reason we have vacations.

–          Solitude is protection from bad company.

–          Hear out everyone; not with the intention of following them but to reach a fair opinion of your own.

–          Be dependable not dependent.

–          Don’t be afraid to take charge and lead, but never forget that too is a learning experience, like everything else in life.

–          Failing to plan is planning to fail.

–          Study smart and hard. One without the other just doesn’t work.

–          Pursue a job that you love, but don’t hesitate to try new things- How would you even know you love doing something without trying it?

–          You can never please everyone but you can keep yourself happy.

–          People give you respect when you learn to give it, not only to others but yourself.

–          Being critical is being sane; being optimistic is being happy- Learn to do both at the same time.

–          Take everything as if you don’t deserve it, and give as if you are obliged to. It always leaves you happier in the end.

–          Dreading maths will get you nowhere, because without numbers you can’t go anywhere.

–          Never hesitate to reach out for opportunities- Most of them really don’t knock the door twice.

–          Priorities are important, probably more important than anything else that comes along. Especially as you come to realize how much ‘noise’ there is in the world. You should be able to choose what’s right for you!

–          Don’t miss out on enjoying what you have while you are busy fantasizing about something you could have had.

–          If you’ve earned it, you deserve it. Let no one else tell you otherwise.

–          Distance can be sad sometimes, but it is overrated.

–          Learning never stops!

–          Pause your life every now and then, just to count your blessings.

–          Always have a plan b.

–          Brain food is underrated.

–          Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it.

–          Bad days only make good ones better.

–          The more you achieve, the harder you should work to live up to it.

–          There’s only one person you are competing with constantly, yourself! No one else is worth a comparison as no two people are the same.

–          Apologizing or mediating is a sign of being considerate not weak.

–          Take lots of pictures, you’ll really miss this time. (Same goes for writing your thoughts!)

–          Learn to say ‘no’.

–          If you have to tell people you possess a certain trait or quality, you probably don’t possess it. Let your actions speak for you.

–          Commit to only what you can deliver, and deliver all that you have committed to. Living up to your word is a self-achievement!

–          Cover is as important as the book itself. We live marketing every day, in our conversations, on our CVs, on our facebook profiles, among our peers- Everywhere.

–          Perfection is an unreachable state of mind, excellence is not!

–          Even great teams have free riders.

–          Employers are looking for people to employ, not robots to work.

–          The job loyalty has more to do with your boss, environment and sense of fulfillment, than the money. It does matter to a certain extent though.

–          When you know more, you fear less: Procedural Justice.

–          Businesses exist for people and the society, NOT the other way around.

–          Economics doesn’t work in real life- but it is a good stand point to begin to understand things.

–          There are second chances in life, but these too are limited.

–          Time is one of the finest forms of education. There’s a reason people value experience.

–          Technology is not a replacement for Human Capital, but they work well together. Being a Luddite doesn’t help either.

–          Theory is not ultimate- People make them, so can you! It is only an observation, an illustration. Not all of them are worth believing though.

–          Reward alone doesn’t make the efforts worthwhile, one needs recognition and appreciation.

–          Having a brother who is your classmate with all mutual friends is pretty damn awesome.

–          Patience pays.

I am sure there’s many other lessons I have learnt, that make me the person I am today, and the journey still continues… 🙂


3 thoughts on “What university life taught me?

  1. impressive !! when i started university four years back, little did i know that i would be receiving most lessons about life rather than on academics

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