Change: Friend or Foe?


We say change is progress, growth; it is evolution. Then why is it that we find moving away from something, which might not always be full of butterflies and rainbows, so difficult? We like being in our comfort zone, do things our way and know what we are doing. A good example for that is the fact that not being too keen on technology, my brother spent good few months ‘forcing’ me into buying a new phone.

Now, here are two things that I noticed. There’s only a few thing about which I am scared to change because talk about new handbags and you’ll find me in the mall that afternoon. So, what is it that makes change so scary, for only a few things?

I realized the things that scared me the most were also the things I don’t know too much about. I am not tech savvy and I don’t know too much about it, probably because of my interest. But, that’s really it! We are scared about things that we don’t know about, what scares us is not the idea of something different, but the idea of something unknown. And the good news is that the solution is pretty simple. Know what are the great things of changing something, know how you can make the most of it, know where things can go wrong, know how you fix that, know that you always have a choice to turn back; so says the Procedural Justice Theory, that we tend to accept change when we know more about it. Persistence is key too because experiments fail but that doesn’t mean they’ll never work. Lastly, stay open minded to learn about new things and be positive!

Change is growth, progress and improvement and even if it means losing something else, there’s hope for moving on to something better or atleast a lesson in the end! 

And in that spirit, I change the way my blog looks now 😉


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