Categorizing Leagues in the Mob


As I came across countless people lately, crossing paths with them for whatsoever reasons, I thought of blogging about the different patterns and kinds I couldn’t help but spot among people. I never knew so many species of human beings existed. Here’s some of the ones I have figured out and I am sure there’s so many more I am yet to find out about..

The Powerhouses

This is my favourite kind of people. It’s the ones that always come up with the best ideas, ways to make things work, mostly organized, interesting and easy to get along with. You can tell when you meet one. They are welcoming to new ideas and they present you with new ones that you could have never thought of. And it was for one of these powerhouses that I am writing this blog!

The Princesses

The princesses are basically what the name suggests. You almost never know when you are going to say something that will cause drama. They always want to be treated exceptionally. They might not bring much to the table, but if they are there, it has to be all about them. Now, don’t be baffled into thinking these people are just women. It is funny, how big a princess some guys can be!

The Black Horses

This is an interesting category. It is the people you have least expectations from. You never think you’d click or how good they might be at doing something but well, you gain enough courage to give them a chance and BAM! they surprise you with what they can bring to the table; be it charm, skills, friendship or anything else. It is because of these people that we are told; don’t judge the book by its cover.

The Verbose Know it Alls

Now, there’s the kind that actually does know it all and that is intimidating but this kind is different. These are ones who are out there, so confident about how they know and can do so much. Shy is the last thing you ‘d ever expect from them. The crisis with these people is that it is not very often that you can take a chance on relying on them, despite what they might have to say about it.

The Envied Guardians

This is the brave, passionate and sometimes stubborn ones. They know what they want and how to get it. It is not a surprise that many of these people end up becoming leaders. These people know what their beliefs, goals and aims are; and they are not shy to go tell others about it and make it happen. The sad story is that these are not usually the likable ones.

Attention Seekers

Well, there really isn’t much to say about this kind. I guess some people just like the attention more than others!

The Manikins

Even though the human factor is low in this category but they do exist. These are the trophies people carry around and call them friends. It’s the delightful creatures that will always look their best, have the top notch gadgets, hang with popular people and I guess it is great to know one of these. The only down side is, when you actually get to know them, because there usually isn’t much.

The Motivators

This is the inspirational kind. They like giving credit for things rather than taking it and they are never reluctant to give advice. They’ ve learned from their own experiences and they make sure not only themselves but others are benefiting from it. These people usually go on to becoming keepers.

The Keepers

Many different categories fit in to this one. They can all have different personalities but what unites them is that fact that they care. These are the listeners, advice givers, supporters and hidden factor behind successes of so many. These are the true friends!

The Entertainer

One must always have one of these friends to hang out with because they make life so much more eventful. These people find fascinating sides to ordinary things, make others laugh, crack jokes and teach you to enjoy life.

The Diplomats

These people are likable and loved, not by a few but by most people. They understand people’s differences and respect them, while cherish the similarities. They know when to be polite and settle problems rather than creating them. People in this category would go very far, if they can combine their nature with competence.


Here’s an attention-grabbing kind of people, mostly back benchers. They are very similar to the Verbose Know it Alls, the difference being that they speak not about themselves but about what they’ve done.

Trouble seekers

This kind seeks trouble for fun. I guess they just have a different ideology of what fun is?

While, I draw out these categories, I know people surprise you by being beyond any of these and many-a-times a combination of them as well. Here’s only a few of many categories that I might have come across and I still have countless others to find out about. It is all just an invaluable education and I am thankful for whoever has been a part of the times I have lived through. 🙂


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