Changing Spectacle? Or the Image?


At times, it is unsettling to think what goes on in many parts of the world today. Exploitation of the poor, starvation, greed of the nations, massacre? It won’t be wrong for me to suggest that most people think that world used to be a better place than it is today. But it got me thinking, what is it that has truly changed? Were the poor never exploited before? Were there no starving children like in Africa? Or any massacre like the one in Burma? Was there no conflict between the powerful and the powerless?

Gazing through the window of history, I realized it wasn’t the first time these things had happened. There was genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and forests and homes brought down in Ecuador’s exploitation for oil after the 1970s. So, what was it that had changed? It would be a safe bet to attribute this to the flow of information which has become more and more fluid through the years.

The rise of broadcasting and social media has perhaps lubricated how easily we find out about what goes on in other parts of the world, both positive and negative things. So, may be the world hasn’t become a worse off place, we’ve just started seeing more clearly and quickly. That is why it’s called the age of information and they say awareness is the first step towards solving the problem!

But the problem of exploitation presents itself alongside. As the media becomes so powerful, one is bombarded with so much of information, all of which might not be true and sometimes manipulative? Being critical of what we do or do not listen to becomes inevitably important.

Let this abundant information empower us into knowing more and doing more!

Image Courtesy: Sundish Ejaz


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