Security in Uncertainty

Here we are again, after three years – The same uncertainty, same anxiety, curiosity for what happens next and jotting down new plans – Just on different levels with different choices. As I come near to finalizing my plans for what I pursue after I graduate, I think about the uncertainty, which I have always HATED in such transitions!

I think how live might have been easier if we just knew what might come next and what would be the right thing to do- And questions like what if it doesn’t work out? don’t really help the situation. But had there been no uncertainty, would we have enough motivation to keep moving?

It is for curiosity that we learn, research, travel and even form bonds on basis of that. Even though we strive to minimize or even diminish the element of curiosity and uncertainty in our lives to a reach a place that can be deemed as safer and secure, I wonder if there is a part of us that equally desires the element of curiosity and adventure. And if it wasn’t for these times, what incentives we ‘d have to keep striving?

A journey ends and another begins, and the transitions are never easy. We strive for security just to find another uncertainty – But I guess, that goes well with what we truly desire, as long as we have something to look forward to, we know we’re eventually headed for something unknown that’s better and rewarding, or so we hope! 


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