Fairytales on the Freeze


Life’s got me thinking about fairytales and how badly we want them to come true. We escape the world by just watching them for an hour or two. Then why is it that when fairytales come in our lives we fail to appreciate them. Is it that the brutality in the world has programmed us to believe in nothing but harsh, cruel and all that is only pretty on the outside?

Why do we care so much about what’s on the outside rather than on the inside? Brands over ideas, money over matter..  And we still expect for fairytales to come true with a mindset that’s such?… And when they do, we fail to see, appreciate and recognize it. I have lived enough and so many different versions of life to know life doesn’t come any sugar coated but I have also seen the sweetest sides of life with the bitter ones. May be our era demonstrates something of the cynical kind but the world doesn’t have to be like this!

But I think and get scared… Will you eventually need to learn to be something rock-solid to live in a world of hatred or will you find a place of your own, heaven, people of your own, angels on earth so that you can live your eternal fairytale?


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